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Ideas are everywhere. They start businesses, change communities or go on to transform the world. But ideas alone are not enough. VC SWIPE began with the belief that it is only when the right people come together to work on an idea great things can happen, and that the way early-stage fundraising works has yet to arrive in our century. Platforms define our modern way of interacting with each other - and VC SWIPE is a new beginning for interacting in fundraising.

When we needed VC SWIPE, it wasn't there. So we built it. We rethought fundraising from the ground up: how startups find the right investors, how investors find the right startups, and how both connect. VC SWIPE is answering years of frustrations about how hard it is to partner up to bring ideas to life - easily in style.

VC SWIPE is the modern way of early-stage investment market we wish we would have had: designed to connect the best matching deal parties in the most effortless way. We are a group of people who love bold projects and innovative ideas. For us, the best part of building a company is taking an idea that everyone believes in and working together to turn that into a reality.

That's why we are excited about VC SWIPE: we are creating a product that helps people focus on what really matters - their vision. From Founders, for Founders.